Mevrouw Ja & Meneer Nee, Lannoo, 2011
Author: Pieter van Oudheusden 

Mevrouw Ja & Meneer Nee (Miss Yes and Mister No) is an opposite and complementary couple.
She is full of lust for life, she is celebrating life while he has to think about it.
One morning Miss Yes wouldn't come out of bed, inside her head it became as dark as in the inside of a shoe...
Miss Yes has become Miss No, now Mister No must become Mister Yes...

For me, this has been an extraordinary debuut with a lot of thanks to the writer Pieter van Oudheusden
who unfortunaly died in 2013.
The book is sold out but you can still find it in libraries.
It is a sensible, vulnerable story sprinkled with humor.
A remarkable story to have a conversation or to work on the subject of depression especially with kids.
The story is adapted for plays by Luxemburg vzw (2013) and Tsunami Tsunami (2023)

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