Toen mijn vader een reus was, Lannoo, 2015 (translated in Chinese in 2017)
Author: Pieter van Oudheusden 

This book is a daughter - father story, or larger, a child - parent story.
It is about growing up and passes all the phases: from admiration to the giant with his ears so high that he can't hear her to a man like everyone else in the street (with all his humanities like everyone else).
About playing together in a fantasy world and gradually grown up in a real world, about lack, retuning and off course about love, the love.

Pieter van Oudheusden died unfortunaly in 2013 when the book wasn't ready yet.
This was the second and last book I made together with him, he has assigned it to his two daughters, me to my father. But mostly it's a tribute to Pieter, my mentor-father. Off course we made it for everybody.
I have a few copies left of the book but you can find it in libraries.

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