Alles verandert, Pelckmans, 2022
A German translation in progress.
Author: Laïla Koubaa

This fluo pink cover pops-up!
What has the pink bubblegum to do in this story? Discover the fluo pink wire in this book...
Meet the charismatic Doenja (Dounia in Arabic means 'the world' / 'life') and go lost with Doenja
and al the lost animals on her way. You will be blown over when you see - in bird's eye view
what goes wrong in our world, but all together we can make big changes...
This book will stick on you!
A poëtic and beautiful story reveals a complex and hard reality.

Still available at your favorite bookstore and other nice places.
Some of them:

Limerick Ghent (my favorite bookshop)
Blommm Ghent (beautiful ecological flowershop where you also can drink good coffee en tea)
Lokaal Ghent (mostly the nicest and honest and friendly place to eat biological and local with the nicest patrons ever)
Vlas (a coöperative civilians foodshop, a great place with lovely storekeepers)

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